The Cumbrian Galoppen
since 1993

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The annual Cumbrian Galoppen series usually consists of ten events, staged by the three main Cumbrian Clubs, BL, LOC and WCOC, and spread throughout the year. Scores are allocated to runners from the Cumbrian Clubs according to their position in the results for the seven courses usually offered. [99 points for the first placed runner, 98 for the second placed etc.] A league is maintained with individuals' scores listed, and then their best five scores producing their Galoppen total for the year. The individual (both male and female) winners on each colour course are declared and Compass Point award a voucher to the junior winners.
The club competition, for the Borrowdale Trophy, is the highest total score for the best five competitors for each club on each of the seven colour coded courses. A club team would therefore have a maximum of 175 scores possible to total to produce the Club Score.

Cumbrian Galoppen 2019

Overall Scores for 9 Events        Borrowdale Trophy standings      Galoppen Overview

Sun 10 February       WCOC       Hawse End     RESULTS
23 March       LOC       Haverthwaite     RESULTS
Sun 28 April       WCOC       Muncaster Fell     RESULTS
Sun  9 June       WCOC       Threlkeld Knotts     RESULTS   
Sun 1 September       BL       Askham Fell     RESULTS     
Sun 22 September       LOC       Birkett Common     RESULTS    
Sun 6 October       WCOC       Cockup & Uldale     RESULTS    
Sun 3 November       BL       High Pike     RESULTS    
Sun 24 November       LOC       Bethecar Moor     RESULTS  

Cumbrian Galoppen 2018
Overall Scores for 10 Events       Borrowdale Trophy standings     Galoppen Overview      WCOC win
Sun 11 February       LOC       Black Beck     RESULTS
25 March       SROC       Farleton Knott     RESULTS
Sun 08 April       BL       Knipe Scar Common     RESULTS
Sun  29 April       WCOC       High Rigg     RESULTS
Sun 13 May       LOC       Newton Fell      RESULTS
Sun 03 June       WCOC       Wythop Valley     RESULTS
Sat 15 September       BL       Swindale North     RESULTS
Sun 16 September       WCOC       High Brow     RESULTS
Sun 11 November       LOC       Holme Fell   RESULTS
Sun 25 November       WCOC       Leaps Beck     RESULTS

Cumbrian Galoppen 2017
Overall Scores for the 8 Events        Final Borrowdale Trophy standings          WCOC win
Sun 5 March     BL     Faulds Brow     RESULTS
Sun 9 April     LOC     Barrow Fell     RESULTS
Sat 13 May     WCOC     Eskdale     RESULTS
Sun 14 May     WCOC     Eskdale     RESULTS
Sun 4 June     LOC     Yewdale     RESULTS
Sun 16 July     WCOC     Threlkeld     RESULTS
Sun 3 September     WCOC     Cockup     RESULTS
Sun 29 October     LOC     Grizedale North     RESULTS
Sun 26 November     WCOC     Bleaberry Fell    Cancelled due to road closure

Cumbrian Galoppen 2016
Overall Scores for the first 6 events    Borrowdale Trophy End of Year Standings    Borrowdale Trophy Scorers           LOC win
Sun 7 February   BL    Beacon, Penrith     RESULTS
Sun 21 February   LOC    Haverthwaite Heights     RESULTS
Sun 20 March   WCOC    Leaps Beck     RESULTS
Sun 10 April   BL    Watermillock          (Cancelled)
Sun 8 May   WCOC    Muncaster Fell     RESULTS
Sun 5 June   LOC    Haverigg Dunes     RESULTS
Sun 2 October   LOC   Birkett Common     RESULTS
Sun 23 October   WCOC    High Brow     RESULTS
Sun 6 November   BL    Burnbanks     RESULTS
Sun 27 November   WCOC    Hawse End     RESULTS

Cumbrian Galoppen 2015
Overall Scores for the first 9 events
Borrowdale Trophy results after 9 events  FINAL POSITIONS                    WCOC win
Sun 1st Feb   Wansfell   RESULTS
Sun 22nd Feb   Binsey & Whittas Park   RESULTS
Sun 8th Mar   Claife Heights   RESULTS
Sun 29th Mar   Askham Fell   RESULTS
Sun 26th Apr   Dalegarth   RESULTS
Sun 21st Jun   Penith (Urban)   RESULTS
Sun 13th Sep   Lingmoor   RESULTS
Sun 1st Nov   Whinlatter Forest   RESULTS
Sun 22nd Nov   Greta Gorge   RESULTS

Cumbrian Galoppen 2014          Final Individual Scores          Final Club Standings          WCOC win
Cumbrian Galoppen 2013          Final Individual Scores          Final Club Standings          WCOC win
Cumbrian Galoppen 2012        
 Final Individual Scores          Final Club Standings          WCOC win
Cumbrian Galoppen 2011          Final Individual Scores          Final Club Standings          WCOC win
Cumbrian Galoppen 2010        
 Final Individual Scores          Final Club Standings          WCOC win
Cumbrian Galoppen 2009          Final Individual Scores          Final Club Standings          WCOC win
Cumbrian Galoppens 2007, 2006 & 2005         Previous Club Scores 2005-1999