Cumbrian Schools' League

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The 2018 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2018

25 April 2018       Keswick School (Primary League)   RESULTS
30 April 2018       Strandshag Bay & Cockshot Woods  (Secondary League)    RESULTS
2 May 2018          Beacon Hill School (Primary League)   RESULTS
8 May 2018          Low Moor Wood, Bothel (Secondary League)    RESULTS
9 May 2018          Powter How Woods, Thornthwaite (Primary League)   RESULTS
14 May 2018        Lowther Park, Ennerdale (Secondary League)    RESULTS   Cancelled
22 May 2018        Leaps Beck, Kirkland (Secondary League)    RESULTS
23 May 2018        Longlands Lake, Cleator (Primary League)   RESULTS
6 June 2018          Vulcan Park, Workington (Primary League)   RESULTS

The 2017 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2017      ROLE of HONOUR

30th March 2017  Whitehaven Academy (Primary League)   RESULTS
6th April 2017       Netherhall School (Primary League)   RESULTS
4th May 2017       Cockermouth School (Primary League)   RESULTS
8th May 2017       Risehow, Maryport (Secondary League)   RESULTS
15th May 2017     Broughton Tarns (Secondary League)   RESULTS
18th May 2017     Lamplugh School (Primary League)   RESULTS
22nd May 2017    Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite (Secondary League)   RESULTS
25th May 2017     Fangs Brow, Loweswater (Primary League)   RESULTS
8th June 2017       Leaps Beck, Kirkland (Primary League)   RESULTS
12th June 2017     Curwen Park, Workington (Secondary League)   RESULTS
29th June 2017     FINAL at Wythop Head   RESULTS
7th July 2017        Silloth Schools Event on Silloth Green   RESULTS

The 2016 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2016

21st April 2016  Beacon Hill School (Primary League)  RESULTS
25th April 2016  Crag Hills, Eaglesfield (Secondary League)  RESULTS  Cancelled
5th May 2016    St Benedicts School, Maryport (Primary League)  RESULTS
9th May 2016    Marron Leys, Rowrah (Secondary League)  RESULTS
19th May 2016  Longlands Lake, Cleator (Primary League)   RESULTS
23rd May 2016  Kelton Fell, Kirkland (Secondary League)   RESULTS
26th May 2016  Powter Howe Woods (Primary League)   RESULTS
6th June 2016    Mawbray Dunes (Secondary League)   RESULTS
23rd June 2016  FINAL at Ennerdale Scout Camp.   START LISTS   RESULTS

The 2015 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2015

23rd April 2015  Whitehaven School (Primary League)  RESULTS
27th April 2015  The Leaps, Ennerdale (Secondary League)  RESULTS
30th April 2015  Netherhall School, Maryport (Primary League)  RESULTS
11th May 2015  Lowther Park (Secondary League)  RESULTS
14th May 2015  Leaps Beck, Ennerdale (Primary League)   RESULTS
18th May 2015  Low Moor, Bothel (Secondary League)   RESULTS
21st May 2015  Fangs Brow, Loweswater (Primary League)   RESULTS
1st June 2015   Strandshag Bay & Cockshot Woods (Secondary League)   RESULTS
25th June 2015  FINAL

The 2014 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2014

1st May 2014  Beacon Hill School, Aspatria (Primary League)  RESULTS
8th May 2014  St Benedicts School, Whitehaven (Primary League)  RESULTS
12th May 2014  Risehow, Maryport (Secondary League)  RESULTS
15th May 2014  Longlands Lake, Egremont (Primary League)  RESULTS
19th May 2014  Broughton Tarns (Secondary League)  RESULTS
2nd June 2014  Curwen Park, Workington (Secondary League)  RESULTS
5th June 2014  Powter How, Bassenthwaite (Primary League)  RESULTS
9th June 2014  Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite (Secondary League)  RESULTS
26th June 2014  The Final at Stockhowhall near Lamplugh School  RESULTS

The 2013 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2013

21st March 2013  Netherhall School, Maryport (Primary League)  RESULTS
25th March 2013  Crag Hills, Eaglesfield (Secondary League)  RESULTS
25th April 2013  Leaps Beck, Kirkland (Primary League)  RESULTS
29th April 2013  Marron Leys, Arlecdon (Secondary League)  RESULTS
9th May 2013  Fangs Brow, Loweswater (Primary League)  RESULTS
13th May 2013  Kelton Fell, Kirkland (Secondary League)  RESULTS
23rd May 2013  Powter How Woods, Bassenthwaite (Primary League)  RESULTS
6th June 2013  Fangs Brow, Loweswater (Primary League)  RESULTS
10th June 2013  Mawbray Dunes, Mawbray (Secondary League)  RESULTS
20th June 2013  Cogra Moss, Ennerdale FINAL   RESULTS

The 2012 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2012

26th April 2012  St Benedicts School (Primary League, Copeland)  RESULTS
10th May 2012  Beacon Hill School (Primary League, Allerdale)  RESULTS
14th May 2012  Fangs Brow (Secondary League)   RESULTS
17th May 2012  Longlands Lake (Primary League, Copeland)   RESULTS
21st May 2012  Lowther Park (Secondary League)   RESULTS
24th May 2012  Cockermouth School (Primary League, Allerdale)   RESULTS
28th May 2012  Strandshag Bay (Secondary League)   RESULTS
31st May 2012  Longlands Lake (Primary League, Allerdale)   RESULTS
14th June 2012  Powter Howe (Primary League, Coperland)   RESULTS
12th July 2012  FINAL in the Wythop Valley  RESULTS

The 2011 Schools' League Series   Overall Scores 2011

28th April 2011  Whitehaven School (Primary League, Copeland)  RESULTS
5th May 2011  Netherhall School (Primary League, Allerdale)  RESULTS
12th May 2011  Leaps Beck, Ennerdale (Primary League, Copeland)  RESULTS
16th May 2011  Maryport Coastal Park (Secondary League)   RESULTS
26th May 2011  Fangs Brow (Primary League, Allerdale)   RESULTS
26th May 2011  Fangs Brow (Primary League, Coperland)   RESULTS
6th June 2011  Oldside, Workington (Secondary League)   RESULTS
9th June 2011  Powter How (Primary League, Allerdale   RESULTS
13th June 2011  Broughton Tarns (Secondary League)   RESULTS

The 2010 Schools' League Series    Overall Scores 2010

15th March 2010  Crag Hills (Secondary League)  RESULTS
18th March 2010  Beacon Hill (Primary League)  RESULTS
25th March 2010  St Benedicts (Primary League)  RESULTS
22nd April 2010  Keswick (Primary League)  RESULTS
26th April 2010  Marron Leys (Secondary League)  RESULTS
6th May 2010  Longlands Lake (Primary League)  RESULTS
20th May 2010  Nelson Thomlinson (Primary League)  RESULTS
24th May 2010  Leaps Beck (Secondary League)  RESULTS
27th May 2010  Lamplugh School (Primary League)  RESULTS 

The 2009 Schools' League Series    Overall Scores 2009

16th March 2009  Strandshag Bay & Cockshot Woods (Secondary League)   RESULTS
19th March 2009  Cockermouth School (Primary League)   RESULTS
23rd March 2009   Lowmoor Wood, Bothel (Secondary League)   RESULTS
30th March 2009  Lowther Park Forest (Secondary League)   RESULTS
2nd April 2009  Whitehaven School (Primary League)   RESULTS 
30th April 2009  Netherhall School (Primary League)   RESULTS
7th May 2009  Stainburn & Ashfield Schools (Primary League)   RESULTS
11th May 2009  Millstone Moor (Secondary League)   RESULTS
18th May 2009  Fangs Brow (Secondary League)   RESULTS
21st May 2009  Powter Howe Wood (Primary League)   RESULTS
1st June 2009  Mirehouse (Secondary League)   RESULTS
11th June 2009  Ennerdale Showfield (Primary League)   RESULTS
25th June 2009  Kelton Fell Top (FINAL)  RESULTS

The 2008 Schools' League Series   

3rd March 2008   Curwen Park, Workington (Secondary League) 
13th March 2008   St Benedicts, Whitehaven (Primary League) 
10th April 2008   Beacon Hill School, Aspatria (Primary League) 
14th April 2008   Broughton Tarns, Little Broughton (Secondary League) 
16th April 2008  Central Fields, Carlisle  
17th April 2008   Keswick School (Primary League)  
23rd April 2008   Inglewood, Carlisle  
28th April 2008   Maryport Coastal Park (Secondary League)  
30th April 2008  Kingmoor, Carlisle  
7th May 2008  Kingmoor Woods, Carlisle  
8th May 2008  Longlands Lake, Cleator (Primary League)  
12th May 2008  Leaps Beck, Kirkland  
14th May 2008  Talkin Tarn, Brampton  
21st May 2008  Hammonds Pond, Presentation Event  
22nd May 2008  Woodhall Park, Cockermouth  
9th June 2008  Oldside, Workington 
12th June 2008  Lamplugh School 
16th June 2008  Stockhowhall  
3rd July 2008  Camerton Meadows Final  

The 2007 Schools' League Series   

12th March 2007  Eaglesfield Crag, Cockermouth (Secondary League) 
19th March 2007  Scale Hill, Loweswater (Secondary League)  
22nd March 2007  Netherhall School (Primary League)  
29th March 2007  Powter Howe, Bassenthwaite (Primary League) 
19th April 2007  Stainburn & Ashfield Schools (Primary League) 
23rd April 2007  Kelton Fell, Ennerdale (Secondary League) 
25th April 2007  Trinity School, Carlisle 
30th April 2007  Setmurthy Forest, Cockermouth (Secondary League)  
2nd May 2007  Caldew School, Dalston  
3rd May 2007  Cockermouth School (Primary League)  
9th May 2007  Sheepmount, Carlisle  
14th May 2007  Marron Leys, Rowrah (Secondary League)  
16th May 2007  Bitts Park, Carlisle  
23rd May 2007  Rickerby Park, Carlisle  
24th May 2007  Whitehaven School (Primary League)  
6th June 2007  Hammonds Pond, Carlisle  
11th June 2007  Mawbray Banks (Secondary League)  
14th June 2007  Kelton Fell top, Ennerdale (Primary League)  
21st June 2007  Nelson Thomlinson (Inter District Event)     
28th June 2007  West Cumbria Final - Area near Cockermouth.   

The 2005-2006 Schools' League Series  

  1. 2nd March 2006  Black Combe, Millom 
  2. 6th March 2006  Broughton Tarns, Great Broughton (Secondary League) 
  3. 9th March 2006  St Benedicts, Whitehaven (Primary League) 
  4. 20th March 2006  Setmurthy, Cockermouth (Secondary League) 
  5. 23rd March 2006  Beacon Hill, Aspatria (Primary League) 
  6. 23rd March 2006  Millom Ironworks 
  7. 24th April 2006  Oldside, Workington (Secondary League) 
  8. 26th April 2006  Central Fields, Carlisle 
  9. 27th April 2006  Cockermouth School (Primary League) 
  10. 3rd May 2006  Inglewood School, Carlisle 
  11. 8th May 2006  Millstone Moor, Redmain (Secondary League) 
  12. 10th May 2006  Kingmoor Junior School, Carlisle 
  13. 11th May 2006  Keswick School (Primary League) 
  14. 15th May 2006  Lowmoor Wood, Bothel (Secondary League) 
  15. 17th May 2006  Bitts Park, Carlisle 
  16. 22nd May 2006  Curwen Park, Workington  (Secondary League) 
  17. 24th May 2006  Talkin Tarn, Brampton 
  18. 25th May 2006  Longlands Lake, Cleator (Primary League) 
  19. 25th May 2006  Broughton School, South Lakes 
  20. 7th June 2006  Hammonds Pond. Carlisle Final.
  21. 15th June 2006  Lamplugh School (Primary League) 
  22. Kendal Area Schools' Events
  23. 27th June 2006  Alston Townfoot 
  24. 29th June 2006  West Cumbria Final. Fangs Brow, Loweswater. 
  25. Autumn 2006 Series for Year 7. 

The 2004-2005 Schools' League Series  

  1. 24th Feb 2005  St Benedicts Catholic High School  
  2. 3rd March 2005  Powter How Woods, Thornthwaite  
  3. 17th March 2005  Maryport Junior School  
  4. 14th April 2005  Keswick School  
  5. 27th April 2005  Trinity School, Carlisle  
  6. 28th April 2005  Whitehaven School  
  7. 4th May 2005  Robert Ferguson  
  8. 11th May  Caldew School  
  9. 12th May 2005  Beacon Hill  
  10. 18th May 2005  Kingmoor Junior School  
  11. 25th May 2005  Rickerby Park, Carlisle  
  12. 26th May 2005  Broughton Tarns, Great Broughton  
  13. 9th June 2005  Lamplugh School  
  14. 23rd June 2005  West Cumbria Final. Venue near Cockermouth.  

The 2003-2004 Schools' League Series  

  1. 23rd Oct 2003  Black Combe Junior School   
  2. 12th Feb 2004  Netherhall School, Maryport   
  3. 26th Feb 2004  Haverigg School, Millom  
  4. 3rd March 2004  Newman Catholic School, Carlisle  
  5. 11th March 2004  Whitehaven School   
  6. 25th March 2004  Millom School  
  7. 1st April 2004  Broughton School, Cockermouth   
  8. 21st April 2004  William Howard School  
  9. 22nd April 2004  Beacon Hill Community School, Aspatria  
  10. 28th April 2004  The Bishop Harvey Goodwin Primary School  
  11. 6th May 2004  Keswick School  
  12. 20th May 2004  Broughton-in-Furness CE School  
  13. 27th May 2004  Stainburn School, Workington  
  14. 10th June 2004  Lamplugh CE School, Frizington  
  15. 16th June 2004  Rickerby Park, Carlisle  
  16. 24th June 2004  West Cumbria Final. Venue near Cockermouth.  
  17. 30th June 2004  Carlisle Final. Kingmoor Woods.   

The 2002-2003 Schools' League Series   

  1. 17th Oct 2002   Millom School   
  2. 12th Feb 2003  North Cumbria Technology College, Carlisle  
  3. 27th Feb 2003  Camp Road Junior School, Maryport  
  4. 5th Mar 2003  Trinity School, Carlisle  
  5. 13th Mar 2003   St. Benedict's Catholic High School, Whitehaven   
  6. 27th Mar 2003   Beacon Hill Community School, Aspatria   
  7. 2nd Apr 2003  Belle Vue Junior School, Carlisle  
  8. 3rd Apr 2003  Haverigg School, Millom  
  9. 10th Apr 2003  Seascale School  
  10. 30th Apr 2003  Newman School, Carlisle  
  11. 8th May 2003  Trinity CE School, Keswick  
  12. 14th May 2003  Inglewood Junior School, Carlisle  
  13. 22nd May 2003  Solway Community School, Silloth  
  14. 6th Jun 2003  Talkin Tarn, Brampton.  Carlisle Final  
  15. 12th Jun 2003  Lamplugh CE School, Frizington  
  16. 26th Jun 2003  Ashfield Junior School, Workington  
  17. 3rd Jul 2003  West Cumbria Final. Venue near Camerton Church.  

Autumn 2002 Series

  1. 11th Sep    Cockermouth School   
  2. 25th Sep    Netherhall School  
  3. 16th Oct    St Benedicts Catholic High School  

The 2002 Schools' League Series  

  1. 14th Feb    Camp Road Junior School, Maryport  
  2. 7th Mar    Valley Junior School, Whitehaven  
  3. 14th Mar    Eaglesfield Paddle CE Primary School, Cockermouth  
  4. 18th Apr    Broughton School, Great Broughton, Cockermouth  
  5. 25th Apr    Beacon Hill Community School, Aspatria  
  6. 9th May   Netherhall School, Maryport  
  7. 16th May    Whitehaven School  
  8. 30th May    Seaton Junior School, Workington  
  9. 20th Jun    St. Benedict's Catholic High School, Whitehaven  
  10. 26th Jun    Millom School  
  11. 27th Jun    Ehenside School, Cleator