Reports of Activities

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Many thanks to all the athletes who have taken the time to write about their experiences and to explain the purpose of the various tours they have attended. CSOA are always pleased to learn of the value of the tours, hoping always to inspire 'upcoming' juniors to follow in their footsteps.


REPORTS (Usually PDFs.)

Harry Scott (LOC) attends the Talent Development Camp at Swansea in July 2016  report
Rosie Spencer (WCOC) on tour at Lagganlia 2016  report
Alastair Thomas (WCOC) at the BOF Summer Talent Camp 2016  report
Niamh Hunter (WCOC) attends the GB Talent Development Camp in Wales, and the Junior Regional O Squads Deeside Tour  report
Daniel Spencer (WCOC) describes his Deeside 2016 Tour  report
Alastair Thomas (WCOC) provides a detailed insight into his Deeside 2016 Tour  report
Daniel Spencer (WCOC) attends the BOF Talent Camp at Swansea 2016  report
Ellie Simmonds (LOC) reports on her selection for the 2017 Lagganlia training tour  report