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The 2014 Championships will be hosted by West Cumberland OC and BoderLiners OC and held near Mawbray in West Cumbria on Saturday 28th June 2014. The parking will be at the Garden Centre at Beckfoot just north of Mawbray, at GR NY 086 478 The event will be held on the dunes close by.

Congratulations to all competitors on a brilliant set of performances. There were many worthy winners.

The full results are HERE.

Winners were
Year 5 Boys    Oliver Weakley   (Eaglesfield Paddle)
Year 5 Girls    Dora Hale   (Ennerdale)
Year 6 Boys    Sam Potter  (Hayton)
Year 6 Girls    Hannah Rumney  (Ennerdale)
Year 7 Boys    Josh Stannett  (Cockermouth)
Year 7 Girls    Isabelle White  (QEGS)
Year 8 Boys    Alex Foster  (UVHS)
Year 8 Girls    Niamh Hunter  (Cockermouth)
Year 9 Boys    Alastair Thomas  (Cockermouth)
Year 9 Girls    Fiona Newby  (UVHS)
Year 10 Boys   George Hudson  (UVHS)
Year 10 Girls    Emily Brown  (QEGS)
Year 11 Boys    Matthew Blackley  (Cockermouth)
Year 11 Girls    Katie Lowles  (Cockermouth)
Year12/13 Boys    Ben Hewson  (UVHS)
Year 12/13 Girls    Katie Wright  (UVHS)

Primary Team Winners    Ennerdale School
Secondary Team Winners    UVHS