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The 2013 Championships are being hosted by West Cumberland Orienteering Club and will be held on Low Rigg, close to Threlkeld/Keswick. The competition will be held on Saturday, 29th June 2013.

Parking will be on the old road at GR NY 300 240, where there is adequate room for minibuses and coaches, along the edge of the road. There will be a short walk of 1km approximately from parking to the start. The finish will be in a field quite close to the parking/assembly. Please collect your ecards, if you have requested them, at assembly before going to the start.

Pupils competing on the WHITE course will be required to follow definite line features, and when appropriate, a line of canes with tape on them. The line features will include walls, fences, a stream, broken walls etc.

Entries can be made for pupils from any Cumbrian School that is affiliated to the Association. An affiliation form can be downloaded, and entry details can also be downloaded. Entries can also be sent by EMAIL with the details of each pupil clearly stated.....
First name    Surname    SI Card no   Gender     YOB   School Year Group]
Please send entries by
Thursday 20th June so that start times and maps can be prepared.

The cost will be £2.50 per pupil/entry.

There will be courses for Boys and for Girls in  Years 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11, 12/13 (White to Green)

RESULTS and WINNERS in each Year/Gender group.

Congratulations to School Team Trophy winners

Ulverston Victoria High School   (8 points)
Cockermouth School   (10 points)

Eaglesfield Paddle   (10 points)
Hayton Primary   (13 points)
Cartmel Primary   (19 points)